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   Technical prerequisitions for using this manual


ActiveX Controls with Internet Explorer
Problems with Netscape and Opera
Problems mit Opera
Sites are very slow
Flash Animation is not shown

This online manual of Spanish language was optimised for the Internet Explorer Version 5 onwards. It works (with some limits - see below) also with Netscape. The manual includes many sound samples. To be able to listen to them, your computer must have a sound card and loud speaker (or of course a headset). The sound files themselves are not that big, but since there are so many of them it might take a while to load the page. It is advisable to use this page with a fast connection. The problem appears only when going to the page the first time, after that files are in your cache and are ready to use. We will also offer this site as a download (as soon as it is finalised).

  ActiveX Controls with Internet Explorer
Sound files can only be played if the ActiveX Controls are partly activated. ActiveX Controls are usually by installation partly activated. If not please follow these instructions:

Tools -> Internet options -> Security-> Change.

You now can activate some of the ActiveX Controls.
Perform ActiveX-Elements, that are secure for scripting -> activate
Initialize and perfom ActiveX-Elements, that are not secure -> deactivate
Perform ActiveX-Elements and Plugins ->activate
Download of signed ActiveX-Elements -> activate
Download of signed ActiveX-Elements -> deactivate

  Problems with Netscape (Firefox) and Opera

You want to use Netscape (Firefox) or Opera to look at the Spanish manual. There is this possibility to download the free of charg QuickTimePlayer by Apple Macintosh (click here). When starting the download you'll get the QuickTimeInstaller.exe to your computer. Please save this to any folder of your choice.


Then you start this file with a double click and follow the installation routine. It is important, that you are online as long as the installation takes. The Quick Time Installer downloads files of ca. 3.5 MB.

When installing, please choose the user defined installation and click the button "choose all".
Confirm all the other preset settings.

  Problems with Opera
In some versions the implementation of the embed tag is erroneous. These versions play all sounds at the same time, which is not exactly useful. You can only solve this problem by downloading the newest version of the Opera Browser.

  Sites are very slow
If the site loads very slowly, it is due to the sound files. Technically we did everything to have them as small as possible. Once more we would like to stress that this is only a one time problem, because then the page is your cache and is available at once. Only if you delete your cache you'll have the same problem again.

  Flash Animation is not shown
If the Flash Animation is not shown it might be that the Macromedia Flashplayer is not activated in your browser. When asked whether you want to install the Flash plugin, please confirm with ok. Another possiblity is that you deactivated all ActiveX Controls. The problem is solved if you follow the instructions under 1).
Anyway: Have fun